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Ideas for Your Loft Space

Loft Spaces

Design Ideas for Your Loft Space

At Pyatt Builders, we know how important extra space is to you. In the home that you rely on for comfort and flexibility, there’s nothing better than having a multi-purpose room to use as you please. Looking forward to a stay-at-home date night? Your space is “romantic.” Want your own yoga retreat or meditation room? Your space is “personal.” Depending on your mood and what you’re feeling, your loft space is whatever you want it to be! Take a look at a few design ideas to use this space in your new Pyatt Builders home.

How To Design a Loft Space

Pamper: With a gorgeous new home designed for smart and easy living, you can choose exactly how you want to spend your moments. In your large loft space, put your wellbeing first and try relaxing practices like yoga and meditation that make you feel incredible. Light some candles and incense, hang your favorite art and photos, and enjoy the beauty of wide open space.

Loft Spaces

Stay: Who says you have to go far for a romantic date night? Nothing says “love” better than a home that’s in touch with your lifestyle. Use your loft space for a fun time watching movies, playing games, taste-testing wine and cheese, and everything you love with your sweetheart. Grab a fuzzy blanket, a warm drink, and get cozy as you experience the simple pleasures of staying at home.

Loft Spaces

Reconnect: Do you love to draw and paint? How about play music? If you’ve fallen out of touch with a hobby because of a lack of space, we have good news: you can pick it all up now that you’re in a Pyatt Builders home. With an abundant loft, you can sit back, relax, and reconnect with the hobbies that make you feel your best. 

Loft Spaces

Play: Expertly built for comfort and relaxation, your brand new home is also comfortable for your little ones. Whether you’re helping your children with homework or playing games, your loft can be their own personal oasis. Try that new toy or game they’ve been talking about, or put on an impromptu dance party or art show. In your beautiful, open space, there’s no limit to what their imagination can create.

Loft Spaces

At Pyatt Builders, we make sure our new home floor plans provide options to personalize your home to fit your lifestyle. As you head into summer, make the most of how enjoyable it is to use your extra space the way you want it. You deserve it all. For more information about our homes and communities, please call 317-790-5000.


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