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April 17, 2020

Activities to do at Home


At Pyatt Builders, more time at home doesn’t mean missing out… it means getting to do it all. From your gourmet kitchen and open-concept living area to spaces like your den and covered porch, the open areas in your home are perfect for taking up a new hobby! Take a look at a few of our favorite activities to try this spring.

New At-Home Hobbies to Try

If you like to color…

At Pyatt Builders, we think this arts and crafts activity knows no age… which is why we have some fun coloring pages of our models available for the whole family to enjoy! Settle into a quiet, cozy spot with your kids and get to work on beautifying a Pyatt Builders home with tried-and-true colored pencils, markers, or crayons. We’d love to see the funky exterior color schemes you and your family come up with! 

Activities to do at Home


If you like to cook and eat…

Ah, the joy of cooking in a gorgeous kitchen. With a large, modern island, spacious cabinetry, brand new appliances, and so much more, your kitchen is where all the magic happens. From unique and challenging recipes to fun and easy meals your kids will love making with you, channel your favorite foodie personality (are you more of an Ina or a Gordon?) and impress the whole family.

If you like to make art with your kids…

With your kids “attending” school from home for the time being, you have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in their learning journey. Of course, there’s nothing as fun as arts and crafts, so bring the magic they know and love right into your home! Mini lid banjos, thumbprint family trees, glow-in-the-dark fairy jars, artsy collages, window art, origami, flip books, you name it… find incredibly fun crafts to do with your kids here. 

If you like to write…

To write or not to write… that is the question. No, you don’t have to become the next Shakespeare, but there are so many different ways to exercise your writing muscles and reap the therapeutic benefits of writing. Try your hand at fiction, poetry, personal essays, and more. There are online classes that can guide you along the way. Have a funny pet or a unique hobby? Start a blog! (We may be biased, but we’re big fans of blogs.)

If you like to learn…

Want to take a business management course from Wharton? How about the history of American sign language from Georgetown? Now you can take an intellectually stimulating online class from the country’s top institutions from the comfort of your couch! Whatever it is you’ve always wanted to learn (computer science, world literature, you name it) you finally can on your own time. And did we mention these classes are “tuition free?”

Activities to do at Home

If you like entertainment…
With streaming services, you have a whole world of 24/7 entertainment at your fingertips (literally). If you’re a film or TV buff, there’s no better time to dive into the all-time classics and modern masterpieces. Whether you put together a “bucket list” of what to watch, have virtual film/TV clubs with your friends, study a particular director, style, or genre, or even write your own reviews, there are so many ways to enjoy entertainment.

From all of us at Pyatt Builders, we hope you enjoy the comfort of your beautiful new home! For more information about our homes and communities, schedule a private, solo, or virtual appointment, take a 3D tour, browse our photo gallery, floor plans, and move-in ready homes in Indianapolis, or call us at 317-961-7720.