What's Covered


Your workmanship warranty establishes coverage against defects in the finishes and material used in the construction of your home.


Your distribution systems warranty covers against defects in electrical, plumbing and mechanical functions throughout your home.


Your structural warranty provides protection against structural defects to the designated load-bearing elements of your home.

Have a Warranty Request?

Please click here to be directed to the 2-10 warranty and begin your request process there.

Warranty Request

2-10 Warranty Manual

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) is your warranty administrator. Since 1980, warranties from 2-10 HBW have protected over 5.8 million new and pre-owned homes.


BAGI Standards Guide

Please click here to view the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis‘ Standards Guide, which gives owners a way to measure the quality of the project against an industry approved set of standards.


Emergency Requests - First two Years

What is an emergency?

  • Total loss of heat or air
  • Gas leak
  • Major plumbing leak or issue
  • Complete loss of use of appliances
  • Security issues, door locks, or garage door fails to function

Any necessary cosmetic repairs that result from an emergency service request need to be scheduled through a non-emergency service request with 2-10 Warranty. Once your trade has been contacted, contact 2-10 to schedule your cosmetic work.

Contact 2-10 Warranty and the trade that worked in your home directly. Contact information is listed below and under your sink on your HVAC, or in your garage.

Pyatt Builders Warranty
Phone Number: 317-379-7115
2-10 Warranty Emergency Contact
Phone Number: 1-800-811-8787
Garage Doors of Indianapolis
Phone Number: 317-875-4577
Appliances - Frigidaire Customer Service
Phone Number: 1-855-224-4987
Electricians (Varies by community)
Trent Electric: 317-839-3996
Pritt Electric: 317-861-6849
Cross Electric: 317-449-2113
George Electrical: 317-329-8002
Plumbers (Varies by community)
Earl Gray & Sons: 317-736-0372
Seacat Plumbing: 317-339-8504
Steg Plumbing: 317-286-6747
HVAC (Varies by community)
Airtron HVAC: 317-783-3101
A-1 Mechanical: 463-215-2477

Non-Emergency Requests - First two Years

What is a non-emergency?

  • 1st & 2nd Year coverage items
  • 1 year Anniversary walk

Contact 2-10 Warranty directly via their website or toll-free number. Make sure to be as detailed as possible and have specific locations identified for your requests. Photos can also be submitted through the Warranty Service Request. Once your request is processed and a tentative approval has been established, the Pyatt Builders warranty team will reach out to schedule an inspection with the Warranty Manager if applicable. Appointments are set Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. As a reminder, if you have not had a 1 Year Anniversary Walk some items may be better saved for this service.

Your Team

Darrell Nusbaumer
Warranty Field Manager
Kim Hicks
Warranty Customer Service Manager
Raul Bravo
Warranty Field Technician
Burnis Wright Lopez
Warranty Field Technician


First Year Checklist

  • File for all Tax Exemptions by December 3
  • Keep all contracts and manuals handy for review
  • Add all important phone numbers to your phone or address book (Pyatt Builds, 2-10 Warranty, Title Company, HOA)
  • Set calendar reminders for upcoming milestones and seasonal items (1 Year Walk, HOA Meetings, Season Checklist Items)
  • Make decisions on extended warranty options
  • Re-watch Pyatt Builders' Warranty Videos
  • Decide if you want to be involved in your HOA Board of Homeowners

Spring/Summer Checklist

  • Replace filters in heating and A/C system
  • Check batteries in smoke detectors
  • Inspect the roof for damaged shingles
  • Check exterior for signs of damage due to snow or ice
  • Lubricate door hinges and garage hardware
  • Clean and adjust window screens and door thresholds
  • Adjust registers for cooling as heat rises

Fall/Winter Checklist

  • Follow guidelines for winterization of homes
  • Disconnect houses and cover outside spigots
  • Check alignment and clean gutters and downspout
  • Clean clothes dryer vent
  • Check caulking and water stripping for the tub, showers, and sinks
  • Replace filters in heating and A/C system
  • Inspect yard for erosion and proper drainage

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty®

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty accepts only the best builders into their program. To become a member, Pyatt Builders went through an extensive screening process that carefully inspects our workmanship and that measures our building practices against strict underwriting guidelines to ensure we maintain a high quality product.

With the purchase of your new home, you will receive a copy of the structural home warranty contract that explains what is covered, as well as, a maintenance booklet to give you tips on how to care for your home. In addition, the warranty is fully-transferable, which increases the resale value of your home.

Manufacturers' Warranties

A manufacturer's warranty (often called limited warranty) is the warranty you receive when you purchase a product. Not all products in your home come with a manufacturers warranty. Products that have additional manufacturer warranty coverage are limited by what is covered and for how long. It is advised to research your coverage by going on the different manufactures websites. You can also find care and maintenance tips to ensure beauty and optimum performance.

If you would like to protect your product from everyday damages, you should research availability of extended warranties that may contain wider coverage and covers everyday mishaps such as drops, spills, stains, etc. Some manufacturers also require you to register your product. This is a great idea to do once you close on your new home.

Click below to see links to some of the products installed in your home. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact our Design Studio directly or google direct to the manufacturer’s website.

The excitement of a first-time buyer or the purchase of a brand new place to call home doesn’t change. You’ll appreciate that we’ve been making dreams come true for over 65  years with relevant door styles and fashionable finishes.

Since 1954 we’re committed to making technology feel like magic that makes your busy life a little easier. It's no wonder that the Delta brand is a leading innovator in the way you use water every day - after all, the best eureka moments happen in the shower.

Voted #1, we take flooring seriously at Shaw. For forty years, since 1967 Shaw has been noted for exceptional quality and products. It should always feel like home.  

100 years of appliance innovation...1918 the first self-contained refrigerator and the name Frigidaire was born. Impossible to ignore, revolutionize everyday cooking.

50 years of creating the best exterior possible. We’ve advanced the aesthetics, versatility,  performance, and breadth of our products to industry-leading levels. Along the way, we’ve become a highly responsive resource for homeowners and building partners. 

The leading residential lock manufacturer, making homeowners feel safe since 1946. The only lock manufacturer that delivers the SmartKey technology providing homeowners the ability to easily re-key the lock themselves to render lost or unreturned keys useless.

James Hardie®'s products grace the sides of more than 8 million homes across North  America. We’ve won over the press, the remodeling industry, and most importantly, our customers, with the beauty and durability of our products.

An American company founded in 1935 with a commitment to innovative products, manufacturing technologies, and sustainable solutions that address energy efficiency, product safety, renewable energy, durable infrastructure, and labor productivity.

Bringing color to the world for more than 150 years. The Sherwin-Williams Company delivers the best paint and coatings products to the world.

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