Why Build?

There are many benefits to building your home with Pyatt.

Owning Vs Renting.

Which one is right for you?

Renting or buying a home is a major decision that everyone has to thoroughly process. Before embarking on the journey, take into consideration the “pitfalls” and “perks” of the own vs. rent conversation. So is it better to rent or buy a house?

Renting Pitfalls

  • You build your landlord’s wealth
  • You may be limited in what you can customize (if anything) in your rental
  • You will likely pay assorted monthly fees and a security deposit
  • You are not able to build equity when paying rent
  • You will likely have to pay pet rent

Owning perks

  • You build your own wealth through appreciation & equity when you own
  • Your monthly payment is locked in
  • You have new tax benefits
  • You have the freedom to customize your living space in any way you want
  • Your home's value can increase over time

New Vs. Resale.

Nothing is as good as new.

Once you build a new home, you don’t look back. Here is a list of our top favorites in why we prefer a brand-new home vs. a home that someone has lived in or what we like to call, used.

Why We Love New

  • New paint, new carpet, new showers, new toilets, new everything!
  • Updated more functional and well thought out floor plan designs
  • Larger important spaces: Closets, pantries, laundry rooms, mud rooms, extra storage
  • The number of bedrooms YOU want
  • Updated construction codes and materials - everything before 2020 is now outdated
  • Your style, your colors, your choices. No compromises, because you have choice!
  • The flex choice, is it a guest room? A play room? Your in-home office? It’s your choice
  • A new and fresh community with a brand-new street scape
  • And yes, it has that brand new smell

Built to save energy.

Our homes cost less to own—for the environment and your wallet.

All homes upon the final stage of construction receive a blower-door test. Professional energy auditors use blower door tests to help determine a home's airtightness.

These are some reasons for establishing the proper building tightness:

  • Reducing energy consumption due to air leakage
  • Avoiding moisture condensation problems
  • Avoiding uncomfortable drafts caused by cold air leaking in from the outdoors
  • Determining how much mechanical ventilation might be needed to provide acceptable indoor air quality

We care about our impact

This means good news for your wallet and the environment.

Built to
save energy

Your new home will help you save money with features and construction standards that conserve energy, resulting in lowering your monthly utility bills.

2020 Indiana Residential Building Code

New requirements increase residential safety and peace of mind for all Hoosiers.

Key Changes Include:

  • More robust garage separation
  • Increased lot line fire separation
  • Up-to-date seismic design categories
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • New anchor bolt requirements
  • New section on deck construction
  • Expanded wall bracing section new vapor retarder definitions and applications
  • Arc-resistant CSST recognized in code language
  • A requirement that basements have an escape and rescue opening, making basements safer for residents and firefighting personnel


Thanks for your interest. We’ll be in touch soon.